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Voices Are Heard

November 2023 - April 2024

We are excited to release our WINTER SEASON of Voices Are Heard, interviews by interesting people with interesting people! We hope you enjoy. We loved getting to talk to a wide variety of people about music, theater, TV, acting, Nyack, food, movies and more!

This is a budding program of Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy. We look forward to helping it continue to grow. We are always looking for creative experiences for our participants to build valuable life skills and have transformative experiences through the arts. If you would like to be interviewed and have something that you think people want to know about please contact us at

List of interviewees:

Musician, Adam Falcon

Tennis Coach, Gabe Slotnick

Broadway Star and Tony Nominee, Rory O'Malley

Actor/Director, Dana Duff

Actor/Singer, Jenn Bedell

Entrepreneur, Maylene Klein

Community Activist, Donna Ehrenberg

Juggler/Magician, Will Shaw

Scenic Artist, Chantalle Bourdage

Nyack Mayor, Joe Rand

Author, Simi S

Our Team

IMG_0738 2.heic

Geoffrey L. AKA Rick Rickman is a disability advocate, avid traveler, and uncle. He is extremely proud of being a driver and owning his own car. Geoffrey’s goal is getting the whole world to understand people with special needs, and to include and accept everyone no matter their abilities. 

IMG_0739 2.heic

Jake P.  loves to act, sing, and travel. Jake is a voracious reader, and his favorite books to read are books about airplanes. Jake loves interviewing because he gets to talk to all sorts of exciting and interesting people.

IMG_0746 2.heic

Leah E. is an editor, a YouTuber, and an ardent traveler. Leah has a passion for video editing and estimates she has edited over 1,000 videos. 

IMG_0751 2.heic

Vineet R. is a musician, actor, photographer, and singer. One of Vineet’s favorite acting roles was Mike the Mouse in Sing! Vineet plays in Whatta Band!, one of Music for Life’s in-house bands, and he is excited about learning more piano and performing in concerts. 

IMG_0741 2.heic

Simi S. is a writer, singer, sister, cousin, and daughter. Simi is finishing a memoir about her life with Familial dysautonomia (FD) called Welcome to Simi’s World. Simi is excited to plan for the future and to see what adventures lie ahead. 


Matt Cohen staff advisor

Rick Headshot 2018.webp

Rick Apicella staff advisor

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