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Music & Art for Seniors

As we get older, it is so important to keep our minds and bodies active and to stay connected socially. Research shows that we need to "use it or lose it"! Music and art are powerful tools to maintain health and to have fun!


At Music For Life we provide virtual and in-person sessions to sing, play instruments, listen and discuss music, write songs and use a variety of medium to make art.


Our programs are designed to provide:

  • neurological stimulation,

  • help improve mood,

  • provide social connection, and

  • build memory and communication skills.

We work with all seniors as well as those managing with TBI, Parkinson's disease, dementia, cancer and other illness.

I look forward to talking with you!


Jeffrey Friedberg MT-BC, LCAT/Director

What You Need To Know!

Weekly Music or Art Therapy:

  • 45 minute individual session: $85

  • 60 minute individual session: $120

  • 45 minute couples session (you and partner singing or making art together): $125

  • 60 minute couples session (you and partner singing or making art together): $150

  • 60 minute group session (3 - 6 people per session): $50 per person

Virtual or in-person options are available. In-person are held at our main office in Nyack, NY. Virtual can be anywhere - we provide a zoom link.


First step: Please email MFL Director, Jeffrey Friedberg MT-BC, LCAT, at to set up a time to discuss your interests and make your first appointment.

Second step: Schedule your sessions virtually or in-person.
Third step: Have fun making music and/or art while maintaining neurological functioning, improving your mood and communication!



1. How often are sessions? We can schedule 1x or 2x per week (or more)

2. How do you bill for sessions? We bill monthly via email. You can pay with a check (payable to "music for life creative arts therapy") or electronically via Zelle .

3. How do I get the virtual link? We will email you a link to Zoom for virtual sessions.

4. Can I take a session with my partner or a group of friends? Couples and group sessions available

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