Current Offerings


No musical skills or experience necessary to benefit from music therapy, lessons or classes

We work with...

children, teens and adults​


We work with people managing...

typically developing as well as those with autism, developmental delays & disabilities, depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, TBI, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, 

ADHD and social-behavioral challenges and those managing grief and loss​

We provide...

individual and group sessions that use all aspects of music including singing, instrument learning, band, musical theater class, chorus, improvisation, song writing, music recording, and listening. 

Instruments include...

piano, guitar, banjo, bass, ukulele, drums, singing, saxophone, flute and more.


Goals include...

building functional skills including social, emotional, speech and communication, motor and cognitive skills and building music skills including learning to play an instrument, song writing and recording, band, musical theater classes, choruses, music listening, and general music making and appreciation.

How we help

Social skills: Music is a social activity. Through 1:1 and group sessions we use music to build social skills and learn how to form and manage relationships. These include skills of greetings, taking turns, eye contact, sharing, compromising, making mistakes, asking to play, starting and maintaining a conversation, volume of speech, emotional regulation, labeling feelings & more.

Speech skills: Through specially designed singing and vocalizing activities we focus on building and reinforcing specific speech, language and communication skills. It's fun to use singing to build fluency, language retrieval, articulation and conversational skills.


Depression and anxiety: Music offers many opportunities to develop awareness of feelings, to express feelings non-verbally and to learn tools for self-regulation of feelings. Active engagement in music making can help express and learn strategies to manage challenging feelings.

Focus and attention: Learning to play an instrument and participate in individual and group music activities can help increase focus and attention skills. We build momentum for success with small increases in focus and attention and build from there.


Memory: Music can help retrieve memories when managing dementia or Alzheimer's and can help develop memory skills when dealing with developmental delays or brain injury.

Motor skills: Whether through grasping a drum stick, playing a saxophone or flute or engaging in specific gross motor dance moves to music, music can help build fine and gross motor skills.  

Recreation skills: Music making is a healthy constructive recreational activity.  If offers opportunities for self-expression and socialization. It is a physical, mental and emotional activity that keeps us moving and learning how to regulate our feelings and physical state. It is our philosophy that everyone should engage in some form of music on a regular basis for health and wellness as well as for managing with challenges and building skills.

Main office

  • Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy 117 Depew Ave Nyack, NY

Off-site programs at...

  • Rockland Conservatory of Music: 45 South Main Street, Pearl River, NY

  • The Shield Institute - 

    Flushing and Bronx, NY

The Details

Individual Music Therapy and Therapeutic Music Lessons - 30, 45 and 60 mins


Music Therapy Overview: We use all aspects of music to help build social-emotional, cognitive, speech and language and physical skills. No prior musical skills needed. 


Therapeutic Music Lesson Overview: Personalized and customized approach to learning music.


Ages: Children, teens and adults. 


Locations: Main office in Nyack AND Rockland Conservatory of Music in Pearl River.

Creative Arts Academy

Overview: Stimulating and educational creative arts classes for adults that build life skills as well as arts skills. Classes include art, music, podcasting, theater and dance/movement.

Ages: Adults


Locations: Main office in Nyack AND Rockland Conservatory of Music in Pearl River.


Rock Band Classes


Overview: Weekly rock band rehearsals help build musical as well social and cognitive skills. Basic music skills necessary to participate in this class. Classes include public performances. Please contact to discuss.

Ages: Currently offer rock band classes for 9 - 12 yrs and 18+ yrs. Additional groups formed as interest develops.


Location: Main office 117 Depew Ave, Nyack, NY.

Musical Theater Classes


Overview: Build musical theater and social skills through rehearsing and performing in a show. No prior skills or experience necessary. 


Ages: Classes for 8-12 yrs, 13-18 yrs and 19+ with all challenges and disabilities. 


Location: Main office in Nyack and Elmwood Playhouse

Adult Chorus for those managing TBI, Stroke, Parkinson's and more

Overview: Weekly chorus led by a music therapist, provides opportunities to increase socialization, build speech and communication skills and increase energy levels through group singing. 


Ages: Adult class for 18 yrs and older


Location: Rockland Conservatory of Music in Pearl River


Social Skills Music Class


Overview: Weekly group class for children managing with behavioral and social challenges. Participants will engage in singing, instrument playing and movement as they learn important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, listening, volume of speech, waiting, accepting no and more.

Ages: Groups currently forming. Please contact us for more info on specific age groups available.


Location: Main office in Nyack and Rockland Conservatory of Music in Pearl River.