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Portfolio - Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy

Thank you for reviewing the below materials. These are a few examples of some of the work we do at  Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy PLLC as well as the work of founder and director, Jeffrey Friedberg. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like additional supporting materials.

Founder/director: Jeffrey Friedberg

Musical Theater Program at Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy. Music For Life currently has 5 musical theater troupes (1 youth, 2 teen and 3 adult) for neurodiverse individuals. The groups perform 3 shows each throughout the year. The video on left is the dress rehearsal of Elf, the musical by our pre-professional adult troupe alongside 7 professional actors. Each troupe performs in the community at a professional theater. NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions we were not allowed to videotape the actual performances so we have the dress rehearsal here. 

Additional musical theater videos: CLICK HERE

Regular performances by Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy bands. We currently have 6 rock bands. They perform in the community throughout the year. Poster on left is for our annual Winter Holiday Music Festival. We collaborate with a variety of organizations in our performances. The show on left is a partnership with the Arts Council of Rockland and is presented at the Palisades Mall.

Staff of Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy. Our team is experienced, skilled, patient and compassionate. They allows us to do the work we do. We currently have 16 staff of music and art therapists and teachers as well as film and theater teachers. 


Music with Babies and Young Children/Jeffrey Friedberg. Published 2020 Jessica Kingsley Publishers. The goal of this book is to provide parents and professionals with information, activities and motivation in order to help them use music every day in the lives of young children.  The book outlines theory, research and practical applications to help with attachment, social skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, language and communication, transitions and meltdowns, academic skills and diversity. The book is filled with songs and activities that parents and professionals can use immediately.


The Bossy Frog Band/Jeffrey Friedberg. 8 albums of music written and released for children and families. The music is interactive and encourages children to move their bodies and use their creativity and imagination. In addition, Jeffrey has performed thousands of live performances for children and families. He continues to perform music for young audiences but at a lower rate due to running Music For Life Creative Arts Therapy.

State of the art equipment at Music For LIfe Creative Arts Therapy: In our 1800 square foot main center, we provide state-of-the-art equipment for all of our participants to use. This is one of several "walls of instruments." Our staff and participants have access to professional quality musical instruments, computers, and video and audio recording and editing equipment. 

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